Committees Leadership

A list of our committees and Commissions is presented below click on each to see the current leadership:

  • Board of Directors
    The Board of Directors is the official governing arm of USITT.
  • Audit Committee
    The audit committee reviews the annual financial audit and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding financial operations.
  • Awards and Resolutions Committee
    Awards and Resolutions oversees all awards and honors given in the name of USITT. This committee acts as a independent review insuring all procedures have been followed and the awards process remains transparent.
  • Bylaws Committee
    The bylaws committee reviews the operational documents of USITT making recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  • Compensation Committee
    The Compensation Committee is responsible for the annual review of the Executive Director and recommends any compensation changes for that person to the board of directors for a vote.
  • Conference Committee
    This operational committee oversees the planning and operations of the Annual Conference & Stage Expo.
  • Finance Committee
    The Finance Committee drafts the annual budget in consultation with the leadership of USITT. Additionally they, along with the Board of Directors, review the monthly financials to insure the health of USITT. The Finance Committee is also responsible for insuring the responsible investment of USITT's assets for the health of the organization.
  • Grants & Fellowships Committee
    The Grants and Fellowships committee reviews and recommends the awarding of all research funding issued by USITT.
  • International Activities Committee
    The International Activities Committee works to increase the international opportunities for USITT members.
  • Membership Committee
    The Membership Committee works to grow the membership of USITT and to generate new valued added opportunities for members.
  • Nominations Committee
    The nominations committee solicits and vets nominations for the Board of Directors.
  • Publications Committee
    The publications committee reviews the publications plan of the Institute including the subjects of The Designs of... series, and other publications.
  • Architecture Commission
    The Architecture Commission supports research and learning about effective architecture for performance spaces.
  • Costume Design & Technology Commission
    The Costume Design & Technology Commission supports research and learning in costuming as well as Hair, Wigs, and Makeup.
  • Education Commission
    The Education Commission supports research and learning in the best practices for teaching entertainment design and technology at all levels.
  • Engineering Commission
    The Engineering Commission promotes the advancement of technology and standards.
  • Lighting Design & Technology Commission
    Lighting Design & Technology Commission supports research and learning related to the lighting field in entertainment design & technology.
  • Management Commission
    The Management Commission promotes strong management in entertainment including production management, stage management, front of house, and all areas of interaction between people.
  • Safety & Health Commission
    The Safety & Health Commission promotes awareness of safe work practices and strong health among practitioners in all aspects of entertainment design & technology.
  • Scene Design and Technology Commission
    The Scene Design & Technology Commission promotes research and learning in scenic design, props, painting, and other scenic arts.
  • Sound Design & Technology Commission
    The Sound Design & Technology Commission supports research and learning in the sound field of entertainment.
  • Technical Production Commission
    The Technical Production Commission supports education and research on stage machinery and technology.
  • Tech Expo Committee
    The Tech Expo Committee reviews and adjudicates entries for the semi-annual Tech Expo.
  • Fellows Fund Committee
    The Fellows Fund Committee reviews applications for and makes recommendation to the board of directors for projects to receive funding from the Fellows Fund.
  • Stage Expo Exhibitors Committee
    The Exhibitors Committee provides feedback on the growth and operations of the Stage Expo.